Avoid Nursing Fatigue And Career Failure By Getting A Doctorate To Teach

Nursing is a very rewarding career field that can transform a person's life in many ways. However, the demands of this position can also be hard for many to handle and could make it hard for them to stay focused on their career. Thankfully, a growing number of nurses are getting doctorate degrees to help prepare future generations for this career.

The Dangers of Nurse Fatigue

Many nurses often work 10-12 hour days and end up working swing shifts that can be demanding on their bodies and their minds. Even if they don't work swing shifts, they're likely working very hard all shift – even during relatively quiet periods – and may find it very hard to relax, feel any joy, and may experience nursing fatigue that threatens their enjoyment of their job.

Unfortunately, all of this lack of sleep can be major trouble for a nurse. Even if they only work four days a week and rest for three of those days – or vice versa – working more than eight hours during their shifts will wear them out. Some nurses spend all their off time recuperating and never seem to catch up with their sleep. As a result, they may need to expand their horizons and consider a new step, such as becoming a nursing teacher.

Why Getting a Doctorate is a Good Step

Those who feel like they are getting too worn out from the demands of their nursing profession may want to consider becoming a doctor of nursing. Doing so is a great step because it can help take them out of a demanding environment and place them in a field where they can succeed. For example, they can teach other nurses how to handle difficult demands and give them the chance to succeed at a higher level.

Just as importantly, these professionals also work fewer hours than a normal nurse. Though a nursing teacher with a doctorate may end up working 24 class hours a week, they usually only work a handful of hours outside of their office. As a result, they can cut back on the long hours, get a more standard sleep pattern, and succeed instead of falling into a pattern of pure fatigue and other struggles.

Therefore, it is important to talk to schools nearby that can offer nursing doctorates. Often, nurses who have a Master's Degree may be best served by these courses. Moving on in this way can help them become a leader in their field and give their career a boost that they may not have considered before.